A links page – that’s old school … Well, yeah, but since I have been involved in quite a few things, you may find it relevant:


Pale Poets  – hvor min første digtsamling, Neonsange, er udgivet

Digtsamleren – som jeg skrev et enkelt digt til fornyligt



My Soundcloud – my “semiprofessional” musicpage, featuring a few tracks in proper digital quality, made using Renoise.

My tracked music – my tracked music in .mod/.xm/.ahx/.sid-format – 1992 -> now.


Demoscene: – our good ol’ Amiga group, page featuring a demoparty blog and links to productions.

Bitworld – archive of Amiga demoscene productions, which I have been quite involved in the making of.

AMP – archive of primarily Amiga music which I founded together with a friend back in 2000., Demozoo,  – should you have an interest in joining the demoscene, these are probably the links to follow.